Andrey Novozhilov

Andrey NovozhilovHead of the Gals design studio, Design Union member

Dear Organizing Committee!

First of all, I would like to thank Ruslan Chernobaev, Julia Kashlakova and all the organizing committee and FineStreet Media Group members for the truly titanic and selfless work for the St. Petersburg Design Week organization!

You have been granted a true holiday for designers and all those who involved in the design for these years. Honestly, Design Week became a regular sign of the spring end and beginning of summer as May, 1st and Victory Day.

St. Petersburg Design Week blows our rather sleepy design community with unforgettable meetings with stars, spectacular events and some surprisingly positive mood! It allows us to communicate with fellow colleagues breaking away from the daily race.

By the way, your child is very different from Moscow Design Week (we have been there) not only because of purely St. Petersburg spirit, but also because a wide hospitality, and I would say, a special friendliness, almost familial relationship between the organizers, participants and guests.