Elena Kharitonova and Elena Yurchenko

Elena Kharitonova and Elena YurchenkoCaravan Cultura CreArt Agency

“Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency enthusiastically responded to the invitation of Ruslan Chernobaev, St. Petersburg Design Week President, to take part in many activities of this event. The social significance of the Week is obvious – a city that has the image of the cultural capital of Russia, takes another height. Throughout the world, creative industries are regarded as the driving force of modern urban development. The increased attention paid to this issue in the EU. It is important that St. Petersburg, as part of the European cultural space, is in this stream.

A large number of measures announced in the program of the Week, indicates that there are a considerable number of the creative class representatives in the city. Places of ​​interest, highlighting the historical status as a magnificent city and reflecting its modern face, were chosen to conduct numerous lectures, workshops, presentations, exhibitions, round tables.

The international character of the Design Week should be noted. The participation of numerous foreign guests – Italian, Finnish, German designers – enabled the Russian colleagues to engage in dialogue, share experiences, gain creative urge for new ideas and initiatives.

Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency also had the opportunity not only to communicate with our old friends and renew our old contacts, but establish new relationships and long-term projects in the field of educational programs for Russian designers as well. In the future the agency would like to take a more active part in the St. Petersburg Design Week through a joint Dutch-Russian project that promotes closer communication and exchange of creative ideas between the designers of these countries.

We would like to wish the St. Petersburg Design Week further growth and new heights reach, attracting even more attention from city authorities and residents of this magnificent city on the Neva River.”