Tõnis Vellama

Graduated Estonian Art Academy as product designer. Practiced 5 years in Danish Design studio Jacob Jensen Design. Another 5 years for Norwegian lamp manufacturer Glamox in Estonia as in-house designer.

In 1992 made first personal exhibition of original lamps „LIGHT.THINGS“. Under this“label“ he has organized number of curator exhibitions in estonia, finland, latvia, germany, inviting other estonian designers and design students to participate. Constantly focused on new/experimental light fixtures but also other innovative things.

Today works in own studio SEOS Valgustus, which has realized sophisticated custom light fixtures for Estonian Embassies, hotels, concert halls, including church/concert hall st Joan`s in St. Petersburg. Bespoke chandeliers combined with advanced light techniques are his passion. Lately constructed and installed LED chandelier in Skype Tallinn office.

To balance creativity which cannot always be fully used in public interiors, where you must follow certain rules, he has small series production of own design lamps, too.

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