Hugo Travanca

Portuguese artist Hugo Travanca graduated from IADE with a Diploma in Communication and Image and from Master in Artistic Creation. Since then he has been developing his painting style and presenting his works in solo and group art exhibitions.

Since the young age he has always had a tendency to create something and then it has become his life and work. Throughout his academic career he has been completely plunged into the world of art. Artistic work has become an addiction, which has absorbed all artist’s energy during twenty four hours per day. He has never seen himself in another area. For Hugo being an artist means both personal satisfaction and professional achievement. He feels very comfortable during the intensive creative process. Within time, his work and his concepts have become more objective and more consistent as he follows his own artistic natural way and at the same time he keeps on being connected with the reality and he also relies on the intuition. He is working with reusable materials. The support for his paintings is almost always cardboard, which has a unique plasticity and texture. Furthermore, oil pastel and acrylics while interacting with cardboard have different visual communication. Normally he paints female characters who reflect the urban society consisted of false identities. The characters are more than just figures; they are the images of their false truth. His work had been focused on paint with a participation in some exhibitions and in illustration of several projects.

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