Vilgeniy Melnikov, Maxim Gerasimenko and Ruslan Bobrovskiy

Designers are engaged in the development and creation of kinetic sculptures, interior design, experimental lighting, as well as painting and individual gifts.

One prefers the wood, another one chooses metal, their third colleague enjoys plastic... The creative development of designers from St. Petersburg is not based on competition, but on the symbiosis of different skills, ideas and experiences. Trying to combine functionality, comfort, natural forms and sensory perception, the team is moving in the direction of the experimental design. The idea of creativity is the creation of spaces that encourage to experience the beauty, throbbing inside of the person that opens the imagination and releases inspiration. The guys take an active part in the festivals with different themes — musical, architectural, environmental, and exhibit their objects in such spaces as the Markov Gallery, Center of Modern Art “Pushkinskaya, 10”, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art and Galleries, Center of Modern Art “Nevsky, 8”, St. Petersburg Artists Union.

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