Bertrand Lemoine

Engineer, architect, graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Higher National School of Bridges and Roads. Since 2010 he has been running the International Workshop on Greater Paris. Previously Bertrand managed The National School of Architecture Paris La Villette. Architectural historian Bertrand Lemoine led the research department at the National Center for Scientific Research. He is an author of over 40 scientific articles translated into eight languages. He was also the chief editor of the Le Moniteur architecture-AMC and the L'Acier pour construire magazines, currently he heads the ACIER magazine. As an architect, he has about 30 exhibitions on different themes. A member of the Architecture Academy, Communications and Marketing Manager, Technical Advisor at the Centre Georges Pompidou, project manager at the French Institute of Architecture, Development Director of the Groupe Usinor, marketing, promotion and communications director in the Arcelor company. Architecture for Bertrand Lemoine is an area in which art, technology, history and openness to the future set in a single whole, where the objects are considered in the context of time and space, memory and place.

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