Aamu Song & Johan Olin

Com-pa-ny is Aamu Song & Johan Olin's design practice based in Helsinki. They work as artists, designers, and producers, running their own shop Salakauppa.

The Korean Finnish designer couple’s and their Com-pa-ny’s life and work consist of fresh combination of artistry, lack of prejudgement and industrial design. Their portfolio is as individual as their studio itself, and shows the mix of two different visions.Aamu Song and Johan Olin’s positive design approach is focused on urban street life. They are inspired by everyday life. Their design makes use of existing methods, but does not follow conventions or serve traditional purposes. Although the designs are unorthodox, they are functional. A subtle hint that suggests the intended use of the product is always present. Song and Olin strive to discover new ways to approach all issues. In their designs the potential user comes first, the client second. The Com-pa-ny Design Practice team has designed interiors from kindergartens to nightclubs. The team has also organized workshops on unconventional topics, such as the potato. Com-pa-ny’s works belong to the collections of Designmuseum Finland, The Islandic Design Museum, The Institut für Auslandbeziehungen Germany, Trondheim Kunstmuseum Norway, V&A Museum of Childhood UK.

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